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This potent topical corticosteroid contains mometasone furoate, an anti-inflammatory, and can be placed on the surface of the scalp to reduce redness and itchiness. Relieve scalp discomfort with OMETAZ SCALP LOTION: Skin conditions like psoriasis and dermatitis commonly manifest on the scalp, and it’s a very awkward area to have a skin issue. After all, suffering from an itchy, dry and reddened scalp is extremely uncomfortable, particularly if you have plenty of hair to contend with. Given the location, it can be difficult to resist scratching the area, which just makes the problem worse and can lead to even greater discomfort. OMETAZ SCALP LOTION is specially formulated to deal with skin conditions on the scalp, making it easy to administer and use (even with hair in the way). Just a few drops applied to the affected area each day, for a 7 - 10 day course, will work to significantly reduce inflammation, dryness, and cracking. Using an anti-inflammatory corticosteroid with vasoconstrictive (causing blood vessels to narrow) and antipruritic (reducing itching) properties, OMETAZ SCALP LOTION both moisturises the skin and slows the rate of growth of skin cells (relieving psoriasis symptoms). OMETAZ SCALP LOTION causes a reduction in the production of red, itchy skin — calming the treated area and allowing the skin to return to its healthy natural state.
Note that OMETAZ SCALP LOTION is safe for us on moist scalp lesions, but dry, scaling and fissured lesions should be treated with OMETAZ OINTMENT instead, and particularly sensitive skin is best treated with OMETAZ CREAM. OMETAZ LOTION is also not suitable for use on open sores.
What causes psoriasis & common symptoms?
Psoriasis, a chronic skin condition that affects an estimated 1 in 50 people in the UK, causes flare-ups of itchy, red, flaky skin and scaly tissue. These flare-ups are sporadic, usually being triggered by smoking, alcohol consumption, stress, certain kinds of medication, or irritants such as those found in hygiene products. Doctors still don’t fully understand what causes psoriasis, but they suspect that it’s a result of the immune system being too sensitive and trying to defend against infections that aren’t there. In doing so, it speeds up the development of skin cells, causing inflammation and other issues as skin cells ‘pile up’ on the skin’s surface.
Why psoriasis affects the scalp?
While psoriasis flare-ups can occur anywhere, the scalp is one of the areas most commonly affected, being an issue in around half of all psoriasis cases. Why the scalp in particular is prone to psoriasis flare-ups is unclear, but since psoriasis commonly affects areas such as the lower back, knees, and elbows, it may simply be that it develops more easily in places put under particular stresses. The scalp (typically) runs hotter as a result of being covered by hair, the elbows and knees are required to flex, the lower back bears the brunt of physical activity, etc. This line of thinking is mostly speculation, however - we don’t know for sure.
The active substance in OMETAZ SCALP LOTION is:
Mometasone furoate 0.1 % w/w OMETAZ SCALP LOTION also contains the following ingredients: Isopropyl alcohol
propylene glycol
hydroxypropyl cellulose
sodium dihydrogen phosphate dihydrate
phosphoric acid
purified water.
As OMETAZ SCALP LOTION is a powerful treatment, you need only apply a few drops to the affected area of the scalp and gently massage until the lotion disappears. Don’t worry about hair getting in the way; neither wet hair nor dry hair will interfere with the efficacy. This should be done once per day until your doctor advises you to begin scaling back. You should try to apply OMETAZ SCALP LOTION at the same time each day, but if you forget and miss that time on a given day, just apply it as soon as you can and then apply it at that time the following day. Even if you feel that your scalp has adequately recovered, do not stop outright without weaning the skin off the lotion through a gradual reduction in application frequency. Such a stop can cause your skin to redden and sting. When using OMETAZ SCALP LOTION , make sure to always exactly follow the course of action prescribed for you by your doctor, pharmacist, or nurse, and consult them if you feel uncertain about the treatment.
Side effects
OMETAZ SCALP LOTION, in rare cases, cause any of the following side effects:
•Allergic skin reactions
•Bacterial and secondary skin infections
•Inflammation and/or infection of the hair follicles
•Thinning of the skin
•Red marks with associate prickly heat
•Loss of skin colour
•Excessive hair growth
•Softening of the skin and stretch marks
•Blurred vision
Other side effects that may occur with topical corticosteroids are dry skin, skin irritation, dermatitis, dermatitis around the mouth, and small dilated blood vessels.
This medicine should only be used on the scalp. Do not use it on any other part of your body. Do not cover any treated areas with bandages or plasters before consulting your medical advisor.Do not apply the lotion in great quantities. Do not use in or around the eyes, including eyelids.
Accidental consumption of the lotion should not produce any major problems, but you should consult a doctor if it happens and you feel concerned. In general, inform a doctor as soon as possible if you ever realise that you have been using OMETAZ SCALP LOTION incorrectly.
Excessive use of OMETAZ SCALP LOTION can produce hormonal effects; in children, this can cause stunted growth or development. Accordingly, OMETAZ SCALP LOTION is not recommended for children under the age of 2, and should only be used on a child if fully approved by a doctor. Their course of treatment should last no longer than 5 days, and under no circumstances should you cover the treated areas with bandages or plasters.
Following commencement of a OMETAZ LOTION treatment plan, if your scalp becomes irritated or sensitive, you think that you have developed a scalp infection, or you develop blurred vision or experience other visual disturbances, consult a doctor immediately.

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