Frequently Ask Question

1Can Ivuena Cream be used for acne?
"IVUENA rosacea cream is primarily intended to treat papulopustular rosacea, which includes bumps and pimples. If you have common acne (acne vulgaris), you would likely be prescribed a more targeted acne treatment "
2Does Ivuena help with wrinkles?
" IVUENA is not an anti-wrinkle cream – it’s used for the treatment and relief of acne rosacea. If you’re looking for something specifically to help with wrinkles, consider a conventional anti-wrinkle cream or natural alternatives such as coconut or geranium oil. "
3Can Ometaz lotion be used on the face?
"No. OMETAZ Scalp Lotion should only be used on the scalp, it is too strong for use on the face. "
4What does ZINER Solution contain?
"ZINER Solution contains erythromycin (40mg/mL) and Zinc Acetate (12mg/mL). Erythromycin is an antibiotic that helps to reduce the number of acne-causing bacteria living on the skin, whilst Zinc Acetate helps the skin to contract and heal. "
5Is ZINER only effective for acne on the face?
"Acne is most common on the face although it does also occur on the neck, shoulders and back. ZINER can be applied to wherever there is an overgrowth of bacteria causing acne, whether it is you face, neck, shoulders or back. "
6Can ZINER be used in pregnancy?
There are many ways that you can treat acne if you are pregnant. ZINER can be used as a topical treatment, as it has no known side effects that specifically affect pregn
7What does PEROLEN GEL contain?
"PEROLEN GEL is a dual-action acne treatment that contains adapalene 0.1% and benzoyl peroxide 2.5%. When combined in PEROLEN GEL, these two ingredients help to kill the bacteria that cause acne as well as helping to increase the turnover of keratin skin cells that can build up and block pores. "
8How do I use PEROLEN GEL?
"In adults and children 18 years and over, PEROLEN is applied once daily, usually in the evening. You should not apply PEROLEN more than once in a 24-hour period. For best effects, PEROLEN GEL should be applied after washing your face with warm water and a mild cleanser to clear away and excess oil, skin cells and bacteria. "
9Can I use other acne treatments with PEROLEN GEL?
"You can combine PEROLEN with antibiotic acne treatments such as Tetralysal (lymecycline), Oxytetracycline, Minocin (minocycline) or Erythromycin tablets. PEROLEN should not be used with any other acne creams as it may cause excess drying or irritation to your skin. "
10Does Ivuena cause hair loss?
"Hair is not a side effect usually associated with using IVUENA Cream for rosacea. If you do experience side effects, it is more likely to be along the lines of itchy, irritated or dry skin. "
11Is Ometaz lotion safe during pregnancy?
"It depends on the case - normally it is not worth the risk. If you are pregnant and interested in using OMETAZ Scalp Lotion, consult your doctor to find out if it is a viable option for you. "
12Can TREYCIN Gel be used in pregnancy?
"TREYCIN Gel should not be used by women who are pregnant or are trying to become pregnant as it may harm your unborn baby. Women of child-bearing age you should use contraception while using this medicine and for one month after discontinuation of treatment. "
13Why do I need to protect my skin from sunlight?
"TREYCIN Gel contains the active ingredient, tretinoin. Tretinoin can make your skin more sensitive to light, leading to sunburn. It is recommended that you use sunscreen with at least SPF 30 if you will be exposed to strong sunlight to protect your skin. If you do experience sunburn whilst using the treatment, you should stop using TREYCIN Gel until this has fully healed. You should not use sunbeds or other UV lights whilst using TREYCIN Gel. "
14Does PEROLEN GEL work for acne scars?
"PEROLEN GEL is used to prevent, reduce, and treat existing acne. It can also help to rid your skin of acne scars that have come from previous outbreaks. "
15How do I useTREYCIN Gel?
"Before applying any topical treatment, always wash your hands and remove any makeup. Gently wash the area with warm water and a mild soap, drying softly afterward. Spread a thin layer of the gel onto the affected skin with your fingertips and gently smooth it in. Apply to the entire area in which acne is present, not just each individual spot. Always wash your hands after applying TREYCIN Gel. "
16How long does it take for ZINER to have an effect?
"ZINER is normally used for a minimum of 10-12 weeks to treat acne. After this period you should be able to tell if it has helped to improve your skin and then make a decision as to whether they should be continued or not. Short courses of ZINER for fewer than 10 weeks are usually less effective and is unlikely to give you an accurate picture of whether it will be an effective treatment to clear up your acne. "
17Does ZINER help with skin redness?
"ZINER can temporarily worsen redness on your skin. However, after the course of treatment, the overall reduction in acne could lead to real improvements in redness over time. "
18How does ZINER work?
"ZINER contains an antibiotic, erythromycin. Acne is often caused by the bacteria that naturally live on your skin overgrowing and creating by-products that build up and block pores. These blocked pores over time turn into spots and hence acne. Erythromycin helps to keep the levels of bacteria living on your skin under control which helps to unclog your pores and clear up the symptoms of acne. "
19How long does it take Ivuena to work?
" IVUENA Cream usually takes effect fairly quickly – most people notice an improvement in their skin after around 4 weeks of treatment. Of course, the speed at which people see results can vary slightly from person to person. "
20Can Ometaz lotion be used on babies?
No. OMETAZ Scalp Lotion is not recommended for use on children under 2 years old and cannot be provided online for patients under 18 years of age. Consult your doctor for alternative treatment options
21Can I buy TREYCIN Gel over the counter?
"TREYCIN Gel is a prescription acne treatment that cannot be bought over the counter from a local pharmacy. It needs to be prescribed by your GP or can be purchased from a registered online pharmacy, such as The Independent Pharmacy. "
22I have started using PEROLEN GEL and the treated area is red and irritated, is this normal?
"Redness and irritation of the treated area can occur when you use PEROLEN for the first time. This is not usually serious and normally subsides within a week. During this time reduce the frequency of PEROLEN application to once every other day to allow your skin to recover and then slowly build up to applying it daily. "
23If my hair growth is stimulated and shows improvement, do I need to keep using FONIX PRO?
If you hair growth is stimulated, you will need to keep using FONIX PRO twice a day for the growth to continue. Regrown hair may disappear three to four months after you stop using FONIX PRO and the balding process will then continue. Do be aware that in the early stages of use, you may notice a temporary increase in hair loss in the first two to six weeks; this is part of the hair's natural cycle and rather than being something to worry about, it is actually a promising sign. It shows that the hair is transitioning from the rest phase of the cycle to the growing phase.
24When will I see an improvement in my acne?
"When using TREYCIN Gel daily, it normally takes 4 - 12 weeks to see a substantial improvement in your acne. It is important to use the gel daily and to continue using TREYCIN Gel when you start to see an improvement for the best effects. "
25Exactly how does Minoxidil cause the hair to regrow?
Minoxidil increases blood flow thereby promoting hair growth by reversing the miniaturisation of the follicles, increasing blood supply around the follicles, stimulating follicle movement from the resting to active hair growth phase and finally, by extending each follicle's growth phase. It was initially discovered as a medicine in tablet form to treat hypertension (high blood pressure) and it was noticed that those patients being treated with Minoxidil experienced excessive hair growth. Further research led to the development of a solution of Minoxidil which can be applied directly to the scalp.
26What if I experience side effects from TREYCIN Gel?
"If you experience side effects such as redness or irritation in the area of application, you should stop using TREYCIN Gel until the symptoms resolve. When you restart the treatment, you should use it every other day for a week to ease yourself back into the treatment. "
27Should I stop using Zineryt as soon as my acne clears up?
"If you find treatment with ZINER successful and your acne improves, you can slowly discontinue treatment after 12 weeks. This will allow you to see if your acne has been 'cured' or if you can keep it under control with an effective washing and cleansing regime. Some people may find that their acne returns and requires further treatment. "
28If I stop using ZINER will my acne return?
"It is possible for ZINER to reduce your acne to levels where it can be controlled by cleansing alone in some cases whereas for other people they may find that their acne returns after a period of time. It is generally not advised to use ZINER for very long periods, if your acne has cleared up you should take a break from applying the solution after 12 weeks to see if they are still required and to give yourself a break from the constantly using the medication. This is because, as with any antibiotic, your body can develop a resistance, so the treatment may become less effective after a while. "
29How do I use ZINER Solution?
"In adults and children 18 years and over, you should make up the lotion and apply ZINER to the affected areas of acne twice daily. You should cover the whole affected area, not just the individual spots. If you find that ZINER causes irritation to your skin initially, reduce the applications to once daily until the irritation passes and then slowly increase back to twice daily applications. The normal treatment time with ZINER is around 12 weeks. "
30Can I use other acne treatments with TREYCIN Gel?
"We do not recommended patients to use other acne treatments at the same time as TREYCIN Gel. TREYCIN Gel is a combination treatment that has two active ingredients that work in different ways to cure acne. There are no other acne treatments that would enhance the effects of TREYCIN Gel if used at the same time and combining it with other treatments will lead to an increased likliness of side effects such as dry skin, irritation, redness, or burning. "
31I have started using ZINER Solution and the treated area is red and irritated, is this normal?
"Redness and irritation of the treated area can occur when you use ZINER for the first time. This is not usually serious and normally subsides within a week. During this time reduce the frequency of ZINER application to once daily to allow your skin to recover and then slowly build up to using it twice daily. "
32How severe should my acne be to use ZINER?
"ZINER should be used to treat moderate to severe acne on the face, neck, shoulders or back. Moderate acne is defined by NHS Choices as where there are multiple papules and pustules (red spots and whiteheads) that are mostly confined to the face. If this describes your acne, or it is more severe, ZINER may be a suitable treatment for your acne. "
33Can I use other acne treatments with ZINER?
"You can combine ZINER with creams such as containing benzoyl peroxide (Epiduo, Quinoderm & Panoxyl) or azelaic acid (Skinoren), although this is not usually necessary.ZINER should not be taken with any other products containing antibiotics such as lymecycline, tetracycline or minocycline. Generally ZINER is not used with any other acne antibitoic treatment as they have a similar method of action and usually do not provide any additional benefit. Simultaneous use of multiple acne antibiotics may also increase the risk of experiencing side effects. "
34Will my hair loss be the same as other members of my family?
This is not necessarily the case; your hair loss may prove to be less, the same or even more than other family members.
35Is all hair loss caused by hereditary male pattern baldness?
In 95% of cases, male pattern baldness is hereditary but there are some rare occasions where hair loss can be caused by other things such as a medical condition, prescribed medication so chemotherapy treatment for certain cancers, poor nutrition, bad hair care techniques or severe stress. FONIX PRO is not suitable for other non-hereditary types of alopecia and you should discuss alternative treatments with your GP.
36How quickly will I start to see results after I have started using FONIX PRO?
The earlier you start using FONIX PRO the greater your chances of seeing results; FONIX PRO works best in the early stages of hereditary hair loss. When used twice daily, you can expect results after just sixteen weeks. But FONIX PRO will not work for everyone and it is not possible to ascertain who will be the successful users other than the general principle that the sooner you start using it the better, so it is less effective for men who have been experiencing hair loss for a number of years or who have a large area of baldness.