Product Description

This potent topical corticosteroid contains Mometasone Furoate, an anti-inflammatory, and causes a reduction in the production of red, itchy skin-calming the treated area and allowing the skin to return to its healthy natural state.
"The active substance in OMETAZ CREAM is:
Mometasone Furoate 0.1 % w/w
OMETAZ CREAM also contains the following ingredients:
Isopropyl alcohol
propylene glycol
hydroxypropyl cellulose
sodium dihydrogen phosphate dihydrate
phosphoric acid
purified water "
As OMETAZ CREAM is a powerful treatment, you need only apply a few amount of cream to the affected area and gently massage until the cream disappears. This should be done once per day until your doctor advises you to begin scaling back. You should try to apply OMETAZ CREAM at the same time each day, but if you forget and miss that time on a given day, just apply it as soon as you can and then apply it at that time the following day.
Side effects
OMETAZ CREAM, in rare cases, cause any of the following side effects:
•Allergic skin reactions
•Bacterial and secondary skin infections
•Inflammation and/or infection of the hair follicles
•Thinning of the skin
•Red marks with associate prickly heat
•Loss of skin colour
•Excessive hair growth
•Softening of the skin and stretch marks
•Blurred vision
Other side effects that may occur with topical corticosteroids are dry skin, skin irritation, dermatitis, dermatitis around the mouth, and small dilated blood vessels.

Do not apply the OMETAZ CREAM in great quantities. Do not use in or around the eyes, including eyelids. Excessive use of OMETAZ CREAM can produce hormonal effects; in children, this can cause stunted growth or development. Accordingly, OMETAZ CREAM is not recommended for children under the age of 2, and should only be used on a child if fully approved by a doctor. Their course of treatment should last no longer than 5 days, and under no circumstances should you cover the treated areas with bandages or plasters.

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