Product Description

PEROLEN GEL is to treat adult acne.This lightweight gel is a prescription-only acne gel that will help control moderate to severe acne flare ups and breakouts — including ones on your back. It has two main active ingredients that help control the skin inflammation and keep your spots from reoccurring.
PEROLEN GEL contains adapalene, which is a synthetic retinoid. It works to reduce the growth of keratin surface skin cells that can block pores. When adapalene is applied to an affected area, it will help unblock the pores and sebaceous glands, allowing the sebum to escape. This will decrease the redness, swelling and inflammation associated with acne. PEROLEN GEL also contains benzoyl peroxide, an antimicrobial medicine designed to kill the bacteria that can lead to acne symptoms. It also helps promote skin turnover, which will further help clear blocked pores and reduce the bacterial count on the skin’s surface. It is effective at treating blackheads, whiteheads, and inflamed red spots. Combining both these ingredients in a single treatment will help provide an effective means of treating and controlling mild to moderate symptoms of acne. PEROLEN GEL has been clinically tested and approved for both short and long-term acne treatment.
Main benefits of PEROLEN GEL:
•It is the only topical combination acne treatment which is free of antibiotics
•It kills Propionibacterium acnes – the bacteria which cause acne
•It helps to clear existing acne
•It helps to stop future acne breakouts
•It helps to dry greasy skin
Apply a thin layer of PEROLEN GEL to the affected area once daily in the evening. You should apply gel to the whole affected area, not just the spots themselves. Use continuously for up to THREE months.You should wash your face using warm water and a mild cleanser or soap before use. Pat it dry, rubbing can irritate the skin and cause redness.If dry skin or irritation occurs at the start of treatment, try applying PEROLEN GEL every other day and slowly work up to daily applications.

Side effects PEROLEN GEL can cause side effects in a small number of people who use it. Side effects are most common at the start of treatment as your skin gets used to PEROLEN GEL. Dry skin: If this occurs you can used a non-comedogenic moisturiser to remoisturise the skin.
Skin irritation and burning: You should reduce the frquency of application or disontinue use until your skin is better then slowly reintorduce treatment.

Warnings PEROLEN GEL should not be applied to skin that is broken or has eczema.
PEROLEN GEL should not come into contact with the eyes, mouth, nostrils or mucous membranes. If product enters the eye, wash immediately with warm water. This product contains propylene glycol (E1520) that may cause skin irritation. If a reaction suggesting sensitivity to any component ofPROLEN GEL occurs, use should be discontinued. Excessive exposure to sunlight or UV light (including sun beds) should be avoided. PEROLEN GEL should not come into contact with any coloured material including hair and dyed fabrics as this may result in bleaching and discoloration. PEROLEN GEL should not be used during pregnancy.

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