Since 2011 KLAVA PHARMA remains at the forefront of the latest trends in cosmetic and specialty pharmaceutical as one of the most innovative brands. The company grows and consolidates through collaboration with beauticians, listening to their needs, the advantages of having its own laboratory and manufactures its own products. Revolutionary ideas, innovative products and unique professional treatments that made KLAVA PHARMA a household brand in many spas and aesthetics centers in over more than 30 countries.
Over the years, KLAVA PHARMA have aspired to excel in product quality and customer service, research and development on new formulas and products.Our production lines and processes cover all our range of face and body care . We produce all products according to strict European laws governing the manufacture of pharmaceutical products including quality, formulas,packaging or labeling. Thanks to the tremendous work of the R&D in our laboratories, the continuous research and launch of new products and solutions to the market remains one of the key points that make KLAVA PHARMA different and outstanding.